It’s Madden Season 6

Today is the sixth relaunch of Madden NFL Mobile. I can’t believe I’ve been involved with this mobile game since 2013. I’ve been seeing it come together for several months and have been excited for it’s release. This has to be the largest update since our initial release back in 2014. I’m most excited about the new Season Mode. It’s the most in depth single player mode we’ve done in Madden Mobile yet. Hope everyone enjoys it. If you haven’t played in a while, come back and try it again. The UI has been revamped and looks wonderful. It’s available today on iOS and Android.

Switching to Android

HTC-EVO-b-300x504 I’ve always been an early adopter of technology. I have about six months left in my AT&T mobile phone two-year commitment and I will probably be switching carriers. I intentionally didn’t pre-order the new iPhone 4 and I will be switching to an Android based phone once my contract is up.

The main reason: I can’t stand Apple products. Their interface isn’t intuitive to me. Maybe it’s my long term use of Microsoft products. Let’s take iTunes as an example. I’m constantly fighting with that program and it never does what I expect it to. With the resent upgrade to iOS 4, I couldn’t figure out how to create a new folder. I was looking for the “New Folder” button. I had to find out from someone else that the way to create a folder is to drag another icon onto another. Their products are just not intuitive to me.

Another reason is that I have to buy a Macintosh computer if I want to write a program for the phone. Now that I mainly manage people and my job doesn’t include computer programming, I have to scratch that particular itch at home. With an iPhone, the requirement of only being able to create Apps on Macintosh is not practical. With the switch to Android, all I need to do is learn Java and the Android API and I can put self-authored applications right on the phone. This isn’t possible with the closed iPhone even if I did have a Macintosh. Well, I’ve already started plodding my way through a Java book looking at the differences between that language and C++.

Anyway, good luck to all the iPhone users out there. Don’t forget to hold your iPhone properly so that you don’t have any dropped calls.