Madden NFL 2005

Madden NFL 2005 shipped August 2004. Created at Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts under their EA SPORTS label. I was one of the lead programmers for the console version this year instead of the PC version, in charge of the UI and Franchise modes. The main features that I worked on for this game were: the newspaper, sports radio, and e-mail system. These all help you keep track of what is going on around the league during your franchise. Each story in the newspaper is readable and has links to different things you can do in your franchise. I wrote the logic behind how the newspaper stories appear an dhow they get parsed with text replacement. I also wrote how the 3D model in the interface gets posed into a single frame animation for the picture in the newspaper. The sports radio feature is just like a sports program you hear on the radio. I programmed the code behind how each of the radio segments gets played. I even climbed into the audio booth to record some of the phone calls coming into the radio show.

Fear the “D”


  • New XBox Live and Enhanced EA Sports Online (PS2/XBox/Collector’s Edition only) – Join the largest online sports gaming community with all-new quick play modes. New reputation ratings ensure a high quality gaming experience.
  • New Hit Stick Control – Change the game’s momentum by making a huge hit to force a turnover and fire up the crowd. Time it right or get burned.
  • New Defensive Playmaker Control – Modify pre-snap assignments for each player on defense, including double teams, blitzes, and specific match-ups.
  • New Storyline Central – Your games are impacted by the stories that surround your team. Get the inside scoop from local and national newspapers, e-mail from assistant coaches, and Tony Bruno’s weekly radio show.
  • Deeper Franchise Mode – Players’ morale and stature are affected by on-field performance – reward a hard worker by naming him team captain or trade an unhappy player.
  • New Fan Presentation – Your team’s crowd is now customizable with new Create-A-Fan. Be on the lookout for team-specific super fans via all-new 3D fan scenes.

Collector’s Edition Features

  • Playable Classic Versions – Play three past editions of Madden NFL Football, including a version from the 16-bit era and two PlayStation era versions.
  • 15 Years of Historical Playoff Teams – Play Madden NFL 2005 with more than 130 additional teams, exclusive to the Collector’s Edition, in authentic historical uniforms.
  • Madden Moments – Replay more than 20 of the greatest moments of the past 15 seasons using the Madden NFL 2005 game – exclusively on the Collector’s Edition. Situations become more difficult on your way to the ultimate Madden Moment.
  • Madden Trivia Challenge – Test your knowledge of Madden NFL Football and NFL trivia with over 1,000 questions. Compete in single-player or play head-to-head in 2-player mode.
  • Over 1 Hour of Video – Five exclusive videos: Madden Phenomenon, Music of Madden, Evolution of Art in Madden, Behind the Scenes, and Game Producer’s Commentary.

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