NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12 hit store shelves July 12th, 2011. For this project I started the first part of the year as the Development Director for our centralized football game play group. This group is in charge of the game play for both Madden NFL 12 and NCAA Football 12. We say that that group owns everything from “snap to whistle”. I scoped the project, making sure we could deliver the new “no suction” tackling system and the new zone coverage AI, and managed the deliver of the first few milestones of the project.

The second half of the year I was promoted to be the Franchise Development Director for all of NCAA Football, where I was in charge of all the development. I set goals for hitting Alpha on time and then set our plan for Finaling the game. We hit Alpha only a few days late, better than any previous NCAA title. We were able to get the game out on time despite several issues coming up, the biggest being PSN being down during the last part of our Finaling period. All of this was captured in a four part series that premiered on ESPN-U Thursday, July 14th. Check their web site for possible electronic versions of the episodes.

Pick Your Path to Glory

Experience the pageantry of gameday Saturday as you go from high school superstar to top college player to head coach. With new traditions and an all-new tackling system, make an impace with NCAA Football 12.

Feel the true emotion of college football with new, authentic pre-game traditions.

Control a player up to the moment of impact with an all-new momentum-based collision and tackling system.

Climb the coaching ladder and lead your dream school to a national championship.

Screen Shots

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