NFL Head Coach

NFL Head Coach was a brand new franchise that takes advantage of the exclusive NFL license, but the user is now in control of the coach instead of the player. Head Coach was released June 19, 2006, by Electronic Arts on their EA SPORTS label. I moved to NFL Head Coach in the last milestone of development because they were struggling to get features into a completed state. I was given six engineers and a designer to manage and was responsible for the Gameplay and Online areas of the game. I was responsible for making sure each feature for those areas were completed in full. I managed the development schedule, managed bug flow, and tracked dependencies with art and central data.

You Make the Call

  • Lead the Franchise. Experience the demanding life of an NFL head coach with the first-ever 3D sports strategy game. From career-changing decisions to formulating game day strategies – you call every shot.
  • Dynamic Player Progression. Player attributes change after every practice and game – ratings change day-to-day based on drills, injuries, and more.
  • Achieve Legendary Status. Win Super Bowls, develop Pro Bowl players, and mentor coordinators to earn a spot in the Hall of Legends.
  • Build an NFL Powerhouse. Draft MVP-caliber players, hire top coordinators, and sign Free agents on your path to coaching immortality.
  • Voice-Activated Gameplay. Put on your headset, listen to coordinators, and call in plays to your quarterback from the sideline.

Screen Shots

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PC System Requirements

1.2GHz CPU
Windows 2000/XP
64MB video card
2GB disk space