Personal Productivity

Besides games, one of my favorite subjects is personal productivity. I guess it’s probably just an extension of my need to make sure everything is organized. At work I’m constantly improving process in order to make sure we are working at peak efficiency. It’s my feeling that this should also extend to how you organize your personal information. David Allen author of Getting Things Done says, “There is usually an inverse proportion between how much something is on your mind and how much it’s getting done.” If you have all your “open loops” in order so that you can readily access them, then your mind is free to think about longer term actions. I know, for me, I sleep better at night knowing that everything I have to do is written down and in order.

So, over the next few weeks, I’m going to break up a series of posts into the following topics: Processing Information, The “Inbox Zero” Philosophy, Keeping a TODO list, Setting Up a Personal Wiki, and Effective Meetings. Hopefully you can find something in them that helps you in your job or the project you are working on. I’m always available for questions.

I will wrap up this post with some reference books that I’ve read over the years in order to refine my process. They are great reads (or views in case of the Randy Pausch video) and highly recommended. I will be referencing them in the future posts.

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